Modifly is a 100% pure Java next generation obfuscator capable of run-time transformations (patent pending). In other words, it modifies your byte code on the fly. Instead of obfuscating your application once, your application will be obfuscated differently every time your application runs. The same application byte code will never be run twice, while being functionally identical. Why are run-time transformations so important?

Some of Modifly's features include:

  • Removal of program semantics
  • String encryption
  • Optionally converts byte code to its reflection equivalent (very powerful when combined with previous feature)
  • Run-time transformations (which means the same application byte code is never run twice, yet functionally identical)*
  • Application code not distributed as valid byte code (very powerful when combined with previous feature)*
  • Run-time tamper detection*
  • Watermarking, which can sustain against optimization and transformation attacks
  • Method and field re-ordering

* These features are only available in environments that support java agent functionality.

View the comparison grid to compare Modifly against other obfuscators or read the User Guide to find out more about Modifly.

View the instruction video series to see Modifly in action before you download it.

Modifly is a commercially licensed product. However, the evaluation version is fully functional and you only have to pay when you are ready to distribute.

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