Discotek.ca FAQ

  • What is Modifly?
    Modifly is a next generation byte code obfuscator. One way Modifly is different from other obfuscators is its ability to perform runtime transformations. With runtime transformations, applicaton byte code will be different every time it is run, while being functionally equivalent to the original. Additionally, the application byte code is not stored in a format that is valid byte code. It is possible for an attacker to use a java agent to record the byte code for off line study. However, quite often it is necessary for attackers to inject their own code or values into a running program to understand how a program works. This is virtually impossible with runtime transformations.
  • What are the licenses for Modifly, Sample Profiler, JStack Analyzer, Feenix, and Thorax?
    Modifly is a commerical product, but even without a license, Modifly's obfuscation features are fully functional. However, you must purchase a license before distributing any product obfuscated with Modifly. There is no license for Sample Profiler, JStack Analyzer, Feenix, or Thorax. You are free to download and do whatever you like with them.
  • Do you plan to open source your non-commercial products?
    This may occur in the future, but for now, no. However, if you have a question about how any product works, feel free to ask. There are already several articles about these products on the blog.
  • Where does the name Feenix come from?
    I wish I could have come up with a more clever name. It's a double entendre. The pronunciation is the same as "Phoenix", which in folklore is a bird that is reborn from it own ashes... just like your classes will be. The spelling of Feenix is "fee" plus "nix". Fee means the cost and nix means "to put an end to". In other words, its free software that reloads your classes (and resource bundles).
  • What other projects can I expect to see on discotek.ca?
    Diagnostics, debugging, reverse engineering, byte code obfuscation, and performance monitoring are primary interests of discotek.ca... and just about anything to do with byte code engineering.