Execution Profiler

Execution Profiler is a java agent that can instrument classes to record method execution. When instrumented methods are invoked, they are recorded. The resulting data, including ellapsed time, exceptions, thread name, etc, is then made available for further analysis. The agent also records all HTTP and JDBC traffic. and provides stack information so you can analyze what occurs inside an HTTP request and what classes/methods are invoke JDBC SQL queries and updates.

Read the User Guide to find out more.

You can download the Execution Profiler javaagent jar here.

Release Notes

  • Supports Java 11
  • Fixed issue with not being able to detect agent jar on classpath.
  • Fixed issue with obfuscator warning.
  • Fixed multi-threading issue.
  • Fixed configuration file issue (now respects all classes=... entries).
  • Fixed issue: Filters invocations were not being recorded in Http tab
  • Fixed issue: Could not instrument classes loaded by the system classloader
  • Added: JSF requests now recorded in Http tab
  • Fixed multiple JBoss issues (related to OSGI classloading model)
  • Initial Release