Product Report: Redhat Linux advanced workstation

ProductLinux advanced workstation
Product CVE Table
Product CVE Counts by Year Graph

Product OWASP CVE Counts by Year Table
Title 2005 2004 2003
Broken Authentication 1 0 0
Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities 0 1 0
Information Leakage 1 0 0
Insufficient Logging and Monitoring 1 0 0
Spoofing 0 0 1
Product OWASP CVE Counts by Year Graph

Product Data Table

VersionCVE CountCvssV2 Base Score - AverageCvssV2 Exploitability Score - AverageBaseV2 Impact Score - AverageCvssV3 Base Score - AverageCvssV3 Exploitability Score - AverageBaseV3 Impact Score - AverageCVEs
CVE-2002-1323, CVE-2002-2185, CVE-2003-0434, CVE-2003-0548, CVE-2003-0549,
CVE-2003-0699, CVE-2003-0859, CVE-2004-0104, CVE-2004-0105, CVE-2004-0111,
CVE-2004-0421, CVE-2004-0494, CVE-2004-0633, CVE-2004-0634, CVE-2004-0635,
CVE-2004-0802, CVE-2004-0803, CVE-2004-0817, CVE-2004-0827, CVE-2004-0882,
CVE-2004-0883, CVE-2004-0886, CVE-2004-0888, CVE-2004-0889, CVE-2004-0902,
CVE-2004-0903, CVE-2004-0904, CVE-2004-0905, CVE-2004-0930, CVE-2004-0949,
CVE-2004-1004, CVE-2004-1005, CVE-2004-1009, CVE-2004-1068, CVE-2004-1070,
CVE-2004-1071, CVE-2004-1072, CVE-2004-1073, CVE-2004-1090, CVE-2004-1091,
CVE-2004-1092, CVE-2004-1093, CVE-2004-1139, CVE-2004-1142, CVE-2004-1145,
CVE-2004-1174, CVE-2004-1175, CVE-2004-1176, CVE-2004-1613, CVE-2005-0078,
CVE-2005-0206, CVE-2005-0667, CVE-2005-0699, CVE-2005-0988, CVE-2005-1061,
CVE-2005-1194, CVE-2005-1760, CVE-2005-1918, CVE-2005-3624, CVE-2005-3625,
CVE-2005-3626, CVE-2006-6235, CVE-2007-1351, CVE-2007-1352, CVE-2007-5365,