Product Report: Apple Darwin streaming server

ProductDarwin streaming server
Product CVE Table
Product CVE Counts by Year Graph

Product OWASP CVE Counts by Year Table
Title 2004 2003
Broken Authentication 2 0
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) 0 1
Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities 1 0
Insufficient Logging and Monitoring 0 1
Product OWASP CVE Counts by Year Graph

Product Data Table

VersionCVE CountCvssV2 Base Score - AverageCvssV2 Exploitability Score - AverageBaseV2 Impact Score - AverageCvssV3 Base Score - AverageCvssV3 Exploitability Score - AverageBaseV3 Impact Score - AverageCVEs
CVE-2003-0502, CVE-2005-2195
CVE-2003-0050, CVE-2003-0051, CVE-2003-0052, CVE-2003-0053, CVE-2003-0054,
CVE-2003-1413, CVE-2003-1414, CVE-2007-0748, CVE-2007-0749
CVE-2003-0421, CVE-2003-0422, CVE-2003-0423, CVE-2003-0424, CVE-2003-0425,
CVE-2003-0426, CVE-2004-0169, CVE-2004-1081, CVE-2004-1083, CVE-2004-1084,
CVE-2004-1085, CVE-2004-1086, CVE-2004-1087, CVE-2004-1088, CVE-2004-1089,