Current Description

In CMS Made Simple, the is_file_acceptable function in modules/FileManager/action.upload.php only blocks file extensions that begin or end with a "php" substring, which allows remote attackers to bypass intended access restrictions or trigger XSS via other extensions, as demonstrated by .phtml, .pht, .html, or .svg.

Referenced by CVEs:CVE-2018-19597

Basic Data

PublishedNovember 12, 2017
Last ModifiedNovember 21, 2019
Data TypeCVE
Data FormatMITRE
Data Version4.0
Problem TypeCWE-79
CVE Data Version4.0

Base Metric V2

CVSS 2 - Version2.0
CVSS 2 - Vector StringAV:N/AC:M/Au:S/C:N/I:P/A:N
CVSS 2 - Access VectorNETWORK
CVSS 2 - Access ComplexityMEDIUM
CVSS 2 - AuthenticationSINGLE
CVSS 2 - Confidentiality ImpactNONE
CVSS 2 - Availability ImpactNONE
CVSS 2 - Base Score3.5
Exploitability Score6.8
Impact Score2.9
Obtain All Privilegefalse
Obtain User Privilegefalse
Obtain Other Privilegefalse

Base Metric V3

No data provided.


  • OR - Configuration 1
    Cpe VersionPartVendorProductVersionUpdateEditionLanguageSW EditionTarget SWTarget HWOtherVersion Start IncludingVersion End IncludingVersion Start ExcludingVersion End Excluding
    2.3ApplicationCmsmadesimpleCms Made Simple2.2.3.1*******

Vulnerable Software List

Cmsmadesimple Cms Made Simple


NameSourceURLTags Tracking Third Party Advisory