Current Description

Open redirect vulnerability in servlet/traveler in IBM Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 before Interim Fix 1 allows remote attackers to redirect users to arbitrary web sites and conduct phishing attacks via a URL in the redirectURL parameter.

Referenced by CVEs:CVE-2012-5307

Basic Data

PublishedOctober 08, 2012
Last ModifiedOctober 08, 2012
Data TypeCVE
Data FormatMITRE
Data Version4.0
Problem TypeCWE-20
CVE Data Version4.0

Base Metric V2

CVSS 2 - Version2.0
CVSS 2 - Vector StringAV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:P/I:P/A:N
CVSS 2 - Access VectorNETWORK
CVSS 2 - Access ComplexityMEDIUM
CVSS 2 - AuthenticationNONE
CVSS 2 - Confidentiality ImpactPARTIAL
CVSS 2 - Availability ImpactNONE
CVSS 2 - Base Score5.8
Exploitability Score8.6
Impact Score4.9
Obtain All Privilegefalse
Obtain User Privilegefalse
Obtain Other Privilegefalse

Base Metric V3

No data provided.


  • OR - Configuration 1
    Cpe VersionPartVendorProductVersionUpdateEditionLanguageSW EditionTarget SWTarget HWOtherVersion Start IncludingVersion End IncludingVersion Start ExcludingVersion End Excluding
    2.3ApplicationIbmLotus Notes Traveler8.5.3*******
    2.3ApplicationIbmLotus Notes Traveler8.5.3.1*******
    2.3ApplicationIbmLotus Notes Traveler8.5.3.2*******
    2.3ApplicationIbmLotus Notes Traveler8.5.3.3*******

Vulnerable Software List

Ibm Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3,,,


20121001 BF, XSS, CSRF and Redirector vulnerabilities in IBM Lotus Notes Traveler Advisory