Current Description

Certain HP Access Controller, Fabric Module, Firewall, Router, Switch, and UTM Appliance products; certain HP 3Com Access Controller, Router, and Switch products; certain HP H3C Access Controller, Firewall, Router, Switch, and Switch and Route Processing Unit products; and certain Huawei Firewall/Gateway, Router, Switch, and Wireless products do not properly implement access control as defined in h3c-user.mib 2.0 and hh3c-user.mib 2.0, which allows remote authenticated users to discover credentials in UserInfoEntry values via an SNMP request with the read-only community.

Basic Data

PublishedFebruary 01, 2013
Last ModifiedAugust 13, 2018
Data TypeCVE
Data FormatMITRE
Data Version4.0
Problem TypeCWE-200
CVE Data Version4.0

Base Metric V2

CVSS 2 - Version2.0
CVSS 2 - Vector StringAV:N/AC:M/Au:S/C:C/I:C/A:C
CVSS 2 - Access VectorNETWORK
CVSS 2 - Access ComplexityMEDIUM
CVSS 2 - AuthenticationSINGLE
CVSS 2 - Confidentiality ImpactCOMPLETE
CVSS 2 - Availability ImpactCOMPLETE
CVSS 2 - Base Score8.5
Exploitability Score6.8
Impact Score10.0
Obtain All Privilegefalse
Obtain User Privilegefalse
Obtain Other Privilegefalse

Base Metric V3

No data provided.


  • OR - Configuration 1
    Cpe VersionPartVendorProductVersionUpdateEditionLanguageSW EditionTarget SWTarget HWOtherVersion Start IncludingVersion End IncludingVersion Start ExcludingVersion End Excluding
    2.3Hardware5500-ei Switch 28-port3cr17161-91********
    2.3HardwareHp-5120-24g-poe (370w) Si Switchjg091a*******
    2.3HardwareHp10500/7500 Advanced Vpn Firewall Modulejd249a*******
    2.3HardwareHp10504 Switch Chassisjc613a*******
    2.3HardwareHp10508-v Switch Chassisjc611a*******
    2.3HardwareHp10508 Switch Chassisjc612a*******
    2.3HardwareHp10512 Switch Chassisjc748a*******
    2.3HardwareHp12500 Vpn Firewall Modulejc635a*******
    2.3HardwareHp12508 Dc Switch Chassisjc652a*******
    2.3HardwareHp12508 Switch Chassisjc086a*******
    2.3HardwareHp12508 Switch Chassisjf431a*******
    2.3HardwareHp12508 Switch Chassisjf431c*******
    2.3HardwareHp12508 Switch Chassisjr431b*******
    2.3HardwareHp12518 Dc Switch Chassisjc653a*******
    2.3HardwareHp12518 Dc Switch Chassisjuc653a*******
    2.3HardwareHp12518 Switch Chassisjc085a*******
    2.3HardwareHp12518 Switch Chassisjf430a*******
    2.3HardwareHp12518 Switch Chassisjf430c*******
    2.3HardwareHp12518 Switch Chassisjr430b*******
    2.3HardwareHp1910-16g Switchje005a*******
    2.3HardwareHp1910-24g-poe (170w) Switchje008a*******
    2.3HardwareHp1910-24g-poe (365w) Switchje007a*******
    2.3HardwareHp1910-24g Switchje006a*******
    2.3HardwareHp1910-48g Switchje009a*******
    2.3HardwareHp1910-8g-poe (180w) Switchjg350a*******
    2.3HardwareHp1910-8g-poe (65w) Switchjg349a*******
    2.3HardwareHp1910-8g Switchjg348a*******
    2.3HardwareHp200-cs Utm Appliancejd268a*******
    2.3HardwareHp200-m Utm Appliancejd274a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3000-10g-poe Wireless Switchjd450a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3000-24g-poe Wireless Switchjd449a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3000-8g-poe Wireless Switchjd444a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3012 Router3c13612*******
    2.3HardwareHp3012 Routerjd916a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3013 Router3c13613*******
    2.3HardwareHp3013 Routerjd917a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3016 Router3c13616*******
    2.3HardwareHp3016 Routerjd918a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3036 Router3c13636*******
    2.3HardwareHp3036 Routerjd921a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3040 Router3c13640*******
    2.3HardwareHp3040 Routerjd922a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3041 Router3c13641*******
    2.3HardwareHp3041 Routerjd923a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-16-poe Ei Switchjd312a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-16 Dc Ei Switchjd314a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-16 Ei Switchjd319a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-16 Si Switchjd305a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-16 V2 Ei Switchjd319b*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-16 V2 Si Switchjg222a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-24-poe Ei Switchjd313a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-24-poe V2 Ei Switchjd313b*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-24 Dc Ei Switchjd315a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-24 Ei Switchjd320a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-24 Si Switchjd306a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-24 V2 Ei Switchjd320b*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-24 V2 Si Switchjg223a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-48 Switchjd317a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-48 V2 Switchjg315a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-8-poe Ei Switchjd311a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-8 Dc Ei Switchjd316a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-8 Ei Switchjd318a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-8 Si Switchjd304a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-8 Si Switchjd307a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-8 V2 Ei Switchjd318b*******
    2.3HardwareHp3100-8 V2 Si Switchjg221a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-24-poe V2 Ei Switchjg301a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-24-poe Ei Switchjd326a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-24-poe Si Switchjd325a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-24-sfp Ei Switchjd334a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-24-sfp V2 Ei Switchjg303a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-24 Ei Switchjd331a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-24 Si Switchjd330a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-24 Tp Si Switchjd329a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-24 V2 Ei Switchjg299a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-24 V2 Si Switchjg304a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-48-poe V2 Ei Switchjg302a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-48-poe V2 Si Switchjg307a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-48-poe Ei Switchjd328a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-48-poe Si Switchjd327a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-48 Ei Switchjd333a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-48 Si Switchjd332a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-48 V2 Ei Switchjg300a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3600-48 V2 Si Switchjg305a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3610-24-2g-2g-sfp Switchjd337a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3610-24-4g-sfp Switchjd336a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3610-24-sfp Switchjd338a*******
    2.3HardwareHp3610-48 Switchjd335a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4200-12g Switchje015a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4200-si Switch 28 Port3c17304a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4200-si Switch 50 Port3c17302a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4200g Switch 12-port3cr17660-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4200g Switch 24-port3cr17661-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4200g Switch 48-port3cr17662-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4200g Switch Pwr 24-port3cr17671-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-16 Switchje025a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-16 Switchjr024a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-24-poe Switchje032a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-24-poe Switchje033a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-24 Switchje026a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-24 Switchjf427a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-24g-poe Switchjf846a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-24g Switch3crs42g-24-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-24g Switchjf844a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-48 Switchje027a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-48g Switch3crs42g-48-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-48g Switchjf845a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-8-poe Switchje028a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-8-poe Switchje029a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-8 Switchje021a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210-8 Switchje022a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Pwr Switch 26-port3cr17343a-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Pwr Switch 9-port3cr17341-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Pwr Switch 9-port3cr17341a-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Switch 18-port3cr17332-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Switch 26-port3cr17333-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Switch 26-port3cr17333a-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Switch 52-port3cr17334-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Switch 9-port3cr17331-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Switch 9-port3cr17331a-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Switch 9-port Taa3cr17331taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Switch Pwr 18-port3cr17342-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Switch Pwr 26-port3cr17343-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4210 Switch Pwr 9p Taa3cr17341taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500-24-poe Switch Je047a********
    2.3HardwareHp4500-24 Switchje045a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500-24g-poe Switchje061a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500-48-poe Switchje048a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500-48 Switchje046a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500-48g-poe Switchje063a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500 Pwr Switch 26-port3cr17571-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500 Pwr Switch 50-port3cr17572-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500 Switch 26-port3cr17561-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500 Switch 50-port3cr17562-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500g Pwr Switch 24-port3cr17771-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500g Pwr Switch 24-port Taa3cr17771taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500g Pwr Switch 48-port3cr17772-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500g Pwr Switch 48-port Taa3cr17772taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500g Switch 24-port3cr17761-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500g Switch 24-port Taa3cr17761taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500g Switch 48-port3cr17762-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4500g Switch 48-port Taa3cr17762taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4510-24g Switchjf847a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4510-48g Switchjf428a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4510g Switch 48 Port3crs45g-48-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4800-24g-poe Switchjd008a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4800-24g-sfp Switchjd009a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4800-24g Switchjd007a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4800-48g-poe Switchjd011a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4800-48g Switchjd010a*******
    2.3HardwareHp4800g Pwr Switch 24-port3crs48g-24p-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4800g Pwr Switch 48-port3crs48g-48p-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4800g Switch 24-port3crs48g-24-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4800g Switch 24-port Sfp3crs48g-24s-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp4800g Switch 48-port3crs48g-48-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp5012 Router3c13701*******
    2.3HardwareHp5012 Routerjd935a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5120-16g Si Switchje073a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5120-24g-poe (170w) Si Switchjg092a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5120-24g-poe Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg236a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5120-24g-poe Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Slotsjg247a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5120-24g Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg245a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5120-24g Si Switchje074a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5120-48g-poe Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg237a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5120-48g-poe Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Slotsjg248a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5120-48g Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg246a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5120-48g Si Switchje072a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5232 Router3c13751*******
    2.3HardwareHp5232 Routerjd943a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g-4sfp Hi Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg311a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g-poe Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg241a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g-poe Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg252a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g-poe Si Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg238a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g-poe Ei Switchjd378a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g-poe Si Switchjd371a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g-sfp Dc Ei Switchjd379a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g-sfp Ei Switchjd374a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g-sfp Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg249a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g Dc Ei Switchjd373a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g Ei Switchjd377a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg250a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-24g Si Switchjd369a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-48g-4sfp Hi Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg312a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-48g-poe Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg240a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-48g-poe Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg253a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-48g-poe Si Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg239a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-48g-poe Ei Switchjd376a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-48g-poe Si Switchjd372a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-48g Ei Switchjd375a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-48g Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg251a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-48g Si Switchjd370a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-ei Pwr Switch 28-port3cr17171-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-ei Pwr Switch 52-port3cr17172-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-ei Switch 28-port Fx3cr17181-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500-ei Switch 52-port3cr17162-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500g-24 Ei 10/100/1000 No Power Supply Unit Switchjf551a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500g-24 Ei Sfp No Power Supply Unit Switchjf553a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500g-48 Ei 10/100/1000 No Power Supply Unit Switchjf552a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500g-ei Pwr Switch 48-port3cr17253-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500g-ei Switch 24 Port3cr17250-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500g-ei Switch 48-port3cr17251-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp5500g-ei Switch Pwr 24-port3cr17252-91********
    2.3HardwareHp5500g-ei Switch Sfp 24-port3cr17258-91*******
    2.3HardwareHp5682 Router3c13759*******
    2.3HardwareHp5682 Routerjd946a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-24g-poe Taa-compliant Switchjg254a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-24g-poe Switchjc099a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-24g-sfp Switchjc103a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-24g-sfp Taa-compliant Switch With 1 Interface Slotjg256a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-24g Switchjc100a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-24g Taa-compliant Switchjg255a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-48g-poe Taa-compliant Switch With 1 Interface Slotjg257a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-48g-poe Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slotsjg242a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-48g-poe Switchjc104a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-48g Switchjc105a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-48g Switch With 2 Slotsjc101a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800-48g Taa-compliant Switch With 1 Interface Slotjg258a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5800af-48g Switchjg225a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5810-48g Switchjf242a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5820 Vpn Firewall Modulejd255a********
    2.3HardwareHp5830 Cto Built Switchjg478a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5830af-48g Switch With 1 Interface Slotjc691a*******
    2.3HardwareHp5830af-96g Switchjc694a*******
    2.3HardwareHp6040 Router Chassis3c13840*******
    2.3HardwareHp6040 Router Chassisjd967a*******
    2.3HardwareHp6080 Router Chassisjd972a*******
    2.3HardwareHp6080 Router Chassis 3c13880-*******
    2.3HardwareHp6600 Firewall Processing Router Modulejd250a*******
    2.3HardwareHp6600 Rpe X1 Router Modulejc165a*******
    2.3HardwareHp6600 Rse-x1 Router Main Processing Unitjc566a*******
    2.3HardwareHp6602 Router Chassisjc176a*******
    2.3HardwareHp6604 Router Chassisjc178a*******
    2.3HardwareHp6604 Router Chassisjc178b*******
    2.3HardwareHp6608 Routerjc177a*******
    2.3HardwareHp6608 Router Chassisjc177b*******
    2.3HardwareHp6616 Router Chassisjc496a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7500 384gbps Fabric Modulejd194a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7500 384gbps Fabric Module With 2 Xfp Portsjd193a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7500 384gbps Fabric Module With 2 Xfp Portsjd193b*******
    2.3HardwareHp7500 384gbps Taa-compliant Fabric / Main Processing Unitjc700a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7500 384gbps Taa-compliant Fabric / Mpu With 2 10gbe Xfp Portsjc699a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7500 768gbps Fabric Modulejd220a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7500 768gbps Taa-compliant Fabric / Main Processing Unitjc701a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7502 Switch Chassisjd242a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7502 Switch Chassisjd242b*******
    2.3HardwareHp7502 Taa-compliant Main Processing Unitjc697a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7503-s 144gbps Fabric/mpu With Poe Upgradable 20-port Gig-t/4-port Gbe Combojc666a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7503-s 144gbps Taa Fabric / Mpu With 16 Gbe Sfp Ports And 8 Gbe Combo Portsjc698a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7503 Switch Chassisjd240a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7503 Switch Chassisjd240b*******
    2.3HardwareHp7503 Switch Chassis With 1 Fabric Slotjd243a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7503 Switch Chassis With 1 Fabric Slotjd243b*******
    2.3HardwareHp7506 Switch Chassisjd239a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7506 Switch Chassisjd239b*******
    2.3HardwareHp7506 Vertical Switch Chassisjd241a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7506 Vertical Switch Chassisjd241b*******
    2.3HardwareHp7510 Switch Chassisjd238a*******
    2.3HardwareHp7510 Switch Chassisjd238b*******
    2.3HardwareHp8800 Firewall Processing Modulejd251a*******
    2.3HardwareHp8802 Router Chassisjc147a*******
    2.3HardwareHp8802 Router Chassisjc147b*******
    2.3HardwareHp8805 Router Chassisjc148a*******
    2.3HardwareHp8805 Router Chassisjc148b*******
    2.3HardwareHp8807 7-slot Chassis Kitje203a*******
    2.3HardwareHp8807 Kit (taa) Switchje204a*******
    2.3HardwareHp8807 Switch 7-slot Chassis Kit3c17543*******
    2.3HardwareHp8808 Router Chassisjc149a*******
    2.3HardwareHp8808 Router Chassisjc149b*******
    2.3HardwareHp8810 10-slot Ac (taa) Chassis Kitje201a*******
    2.3HardwareHp8810 10-slot Chassis Kitje200a*******
    2.3HardwareHp8810 Switch 10-slot Chassis Kit3c17541*******
    2.3HardwareHp8812 Router Chassisjc150a*******
    2.3HardwareHp8812 Router Chassisjc150b*******
    2.3HardwareHp8814 14-slot Ac (taa) Chassis Kitje199a*******
    2.3HardwareHp8814 14-slot Chassis Kitje198a*******
    2.3HardwareHp8814 Switch 14-slot Chassis Kit3c17540*******
    2.3HardwareHp9500 Vpn Firewall Modulejd245a*******
    2.3HardwareHp9505 Switch Chassisjc124b*******
    2.3HardwareHp9508-v Switch Chassisjc474a*******
    2.3HardwareHp9508-v Switch Chassisjc474b*******
    2.3HardwareHp9512 Switch Chassisjc125a*******
    2.3HardwareHp9512 Switch Chassisjc125b*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr20-15 A Multi-service Routerjd670a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr20-15 Aw Multi-service Routerjd671a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr20-15 I Multi-service Routerjd672a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr20-15 Iw Multi-service Routerjd667a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr20-20 Router-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr20-21 Routerjd432a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr20-21 Routerjd663a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr30-16 Router With Vcx And 4-port Fxo And 2-port Fxs Modules-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr30-16 Router With Vcx Ent Mim Module-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr30-20 Multi-service Router Security Bundlejf286a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr30-40 Router With Vcx And E1 And 4-port Bri And 4-port Fxs Modules-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr30-40 Router With Vcx And T1 And 4-port Fxo And 4-port Fxs Modules-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr30-40 Rt-msr3040-ac-ovs-as-h3 Multi-service Routerjf232a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-msr50-40 Dc Router Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-u200-a Unified Threat Management Appliance-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-u200-s Unified Threat Management Appliance-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-wx5002 Access Controller-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA-wx5004 Access Controller-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA12508 Switch Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA12518 Switch Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3000-10g-poe Wireless Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3000-24g-poe Wireless Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-16 Dc Ei Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-16 Dc Si 2-slot Switchjd302a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-16 Si With 2 External Slots Switchjd308a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-24-poe Ei Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-24 Dc Ei Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-24 Dc Si 2-slot Switchjd303a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-24 Ei Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-24 Si 2-slot Switchjd309a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-24 Si Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-26c-epon-ei Switchjg059a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-8 Si 1-slot Switchjd310a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100-8 Si Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3100 (ls6mcfl1ub) Ethernet Switchje545a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3600-24-poe Ei Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3600-24-poe Si Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3600-24-sfp Ei Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3600-24 Ei Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3600-24 Si Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3600-24tp Si Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3600-48-poe Ei Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3600-48-poe Si Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3600-48 Ei Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3610-24-2g-sfp Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3610-24-4g Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3610-24-sfp Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA3610-48 Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-16g-poe Ei Switchjd353a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-16g Ei Switchjd351a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-16g Si Switchjd356a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-24g-poe Ei Switchjd354a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-24g Ei Switchjd346a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-24g Ei Switch With Sfp Uplinkjd344a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-24g Si Switchjd348a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-48g-poe Ei Switchjd355a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-48g Ei Switchjd347a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-48g Ei Switch With Sfp Uplinkjd345a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-48g Si Switchjd349a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-8g-poe Ei Switchjd352a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-8g Ei Switchjd350a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5100-8g Si Switchjd357a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5120-24g-poe Ei 2-slot Switchje070a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5120-24g Ei Switchje066a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5120-24g Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slotsje068a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5120-48g-poe Ei 2-slot Switchje071a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5120-48g Ei Switchje067a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5120-48g Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slotsje069a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5120-48g Si Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5810-48g With 2 Sfp Slots Ac Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA5820 Vpn Firewall Module-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA6600 Firewall Processing Module-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA6600 Rpe-x1 Main Processing Unit-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA6602 Router-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA6604 Router Bundle With Rpe-x1 Modules And Power Supplyje528a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA6604 Router Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA6604 Router With 2 Rpe-x1 Modulesjc158a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA6608 Router-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA6608 Router (rt-sr6608-ovs 2 Rpe-x1 2 Ac-h3) Bundleje527a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA6608 Router Bundle With Rpe-x1 Modules And Power Supplyje526a*******
    2.3HardwareHpA6616 Router Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7500 384gbps Fabric/main Processing Unit-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7500 384gbps Fabric/main Processing Unit With 2 10gbe Xfp Ports-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7502 Switch Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7502 Taa-compliant Main Processing Unit-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7503-s Switch Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7503 Switch Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7506-v Switch Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7506 Switch Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7506 Switch Chassis H3c S7506e Chassis W/ Fans0235a27q*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7510 768gbps Fabric/main Processing Unit-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7510 768gbps Taa-compliant Fabric/main Processing Unit-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA7510 Switch Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA8802 Router Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA8805 Router Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA8808 Router Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA8812 Router Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA9505 Switch Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA9508 Switch Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA9512 Switch Chassis-*******
    2.3HardwareHpA9512w Chassis W/ Fans0235a38r*******
    2.3HardwareHpAr18-31e Router0235a09t*******
    2.3HardwareHpAr 18-31e Routerjd172a*******
    2.3HardwareHpBaseline Plus 2900 Switch Gigabit Family - 52 Port3crbsg5293*******
    2.3HardwareHpBaseline Plus 2900g Switch - 20 Port3crbsg2093*******
    2.3HardwareHpBaseline Plus 2900g Switch - 28 Port3crbsg2893*******
    2.3HardwareHpBaseline Plus 2900g Switch - 28hpwr3crbsg28hpwr93*******
    2.3HardwareHpBaseline Plus 2900g Switch - 28pwr3crbsg28pwr93*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4200-12g Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4200-24 Si Switchje013a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4200-24g-poe Switchje020a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4200-24g Switchje016a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4200-48 Si Switchje012a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4200-48g Switchje018a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4210-16-poe Switchje031a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4210-16 Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4210-24 Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4210-24g-poe Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4210-24g Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4210-48g Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4210-8-poe (taa) Switchje030a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4210 8-port (taa) Switchje023a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4500-24g-poe (taa) Switchje062a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4500-24g (taa) Switchje058a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4500-24g Switchje057a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4500-48g-poe (taa) Switchje064a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4500-48g-poe Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4500-48g (taa) Switchje060a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4500-48g Switchje059a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4510-24g Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4510-48g Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpE4800-24g-sfp Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24-poe Ei (taa) Switchje106a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24-poe Switchje105a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24-sfp Switchje109a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24-spf Ei (taa) Switchje110a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24 Ei (taa) Switchje102a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24 Si Switchje099a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24 Switchje101a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24g-poe 'taa) Switchje093a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24g-poe Switchje092a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24g-sfp (taa) Switchje097a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24g-sfp Switchje096a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24g (taa) Switchje089a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-24g Switchje088a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-48-poe Ei (taa) Switchje108a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-48-poe Switchje107a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-48 Ei (taa) Switchje104a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-48 Si Switchje100a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-48 Switchje103a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-48g-poe (taa) Switchje095a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-48g-poe Switchje094a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-48g (taa) Switchje091a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE5500-48g Switchje090a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE7902 Switch Chassisje164a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE7903 1 Fabric Slot Switch Chassisje166a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE7903 Switch Chassisje165a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE7906 Switch Chassisje167a*******
    2.3HardwareHpE7906 Vertical Switch Chassisje168a*******
    2.3HardwareHpF1000-e Vpe Firewall Appliancejd272a*******
    2.3HardwareHpF1000-e Vpn Firewall0235a26g*******
    2.3HardwareHpF1000-ei Vpn Firewall Appliancejg214a*******
    2.3HardwareHpF1000-s-ei Vpn Firewall Appliancejg213a*******
    2.3HardwareHpF5000 Firewall Main Processing Unitjg215a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr-20-21 Router0235a19j*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-10 Routerjd431a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-11 Routerjd673a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-11 Routerjf239a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-12-t-w Router (na)jg209a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-12-t Routerjd676a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-12-t Routerjf806a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-12-w Routerjd675a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-12-w Routerjf807a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-12 Routerjd674a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-12 Routerjf241a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-12 W0235a32g*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-13-w Routerjd669a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-13-w Routerjf808a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-13-w Router (na)jg210a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-13 Routerjd668a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-13 Routerjf240a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-15-a-w Routerjf809a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-15-a Routerjf237a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-15-i-w Routerjf238a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-15-i Routerjf236a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-15 Routerjf817a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-20 Routerjd662a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-20 Routerjf283a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-21 Routerjd663b*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-40 Routerjd664a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr20-40 Routerjf228a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-10 Dc Routerjg184a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-10 Routerjf816a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-11 Routerjf800a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-11e Routerjg182a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-11f Routerjg183a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-16 Poe Routerjd659a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-16 Poe Routerjf234a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-16 Routerjd665a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-16 Routerjf233a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-16 Router With Vcx And 4-port Fxo And 2-port Fxs Modulesjd025a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-16 Router With Vcx Enterprise Branch Communications Mim Modulejd024a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-20 Dc Routerjf235a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-20 Poe Routerjd660a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-20 Poe Routerjf802a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-20 Routerjd666a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-20 Routerjf284a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-40 Poe Routerjd661a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-40 Poe Routerjf803a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-40 Routerjd657a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-40 Routerjf229a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-40 Router With Vcx And 8-port Bri And 4-port Fxs Modulesjd027a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-40 Router With Vcx And 8-port Fxo And 4-port Fxs Modulesjd026a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-40 Router With Vcx And E1 And 4-port Bri And 4-port Fxs Modulesjd029a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-40 Router With Vcx And T1 And 4-port Fxo And 4-port Fxs Modulesjd028a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-60 Dc Routerjf801a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-60 Poe Routerjd654a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-60 Poe Routerjf804a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-60 Routerjd658a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr30-60 Routerjf230a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr50-40 Dc Routerjf285a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr50-40 Routerjd433a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr50-60 Routerjd656a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr50-60 Routerjf231a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr50-60 Router Chassis With Dc Power Supplyjf640a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr900-w Routerjf814a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr900-w Router (na)jg207a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr900 2-port Fe Wan / 4-port Fe Lan Routerjf812a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr920-w Router (na)jg208a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr920 2-port Fe Wan / 8-port Fe Lan / 802.11b/g Routerjf815a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr920 Routerjf813a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-100235a0a7*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-110235a31v*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-120235a32e*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-12 T10235a32b*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-130235a31w*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-13 W0235a31x*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-15 A0235a31q*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-15 A W0235a31r*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-15 I0235a31n*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-15 Iw0235a31p*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-15 Router Host (ac) 1 Fe 4 Lsw 1 Adslopots 1 Dsic0235a0a8*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-200235a19h*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-210235a325*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 20-400235a19k*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-10 Router Host (ac) 2fe 2sic 1xmim 256ddr0235a39h*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-160235a237*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-16 Poe0235a238*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-200235a19l*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-20 Router0235a328*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-20 Router Host0235a20s*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-20 Router Hostrtvz33020as*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-400235a20j*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-40 Poe0235a25r*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-40 Router Host (dc)0235a268*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-600235a20k*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 30-60 Poe0235a25s*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 3016 Vcx Cpm 4fxo/2fxs Bundle3crbvcxmsr03a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 3016 Vcx Ent Mim Bundle3crbvcxmsr02a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 3040 Vcx Cpm 8bri/4fxs Bundle3crbvcxmsr06a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 3040 Vcx Cpm 8fxo/4fxs Bundle3crbvcxmsr05a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 3040 Vcx Cpm E1/4bri/4fxs Bundle3crbvcxmsr08a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 3040 Vcx Cpm T1/4fxo/4fxs Bundle3crbvcxmsr07a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 3040 Vcx Ent Mim Bundle3crbvcxmsr01a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 50-40 Chassis0235a20n*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 50-40 Router0235a297*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 50-40 Routerjd655a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 50-60 Chassis0235a20l*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 900 Router 2 Fe Wan 4 Fe Lan 256ddr0235a0bx*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 900 Router With 802.11b/g 2 Fe Wan 4 Fe Lan 256ddr 802.11b0235a0c2*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 920 Router 2 Fe Wan 8 Fe Lan 256ddr0235a0c0*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsr 920 Router With 802.11b/g 2 Fe Wan 8 Fe Lan 256ddr0235a0c4*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsrr30-40 Dc Routerjf287a*******
    2.3HardwareHpMsrr30-40 Router With Vcx Mim Modulejd023a*******
    2.3HardwareHpRt-sr6604-ovs Plus 2 Rpe-x1 Plus 2 Ac-h30150a12c*******
    2.3HardwareHpRt-sr6608-ovs Plus 2 Rpe-x1 Plus 2 Ac-h30150a12a*******
    2.3HardwareHpS12508 (ac-1) Routing Switch0235a0ge*******
    2.3HardwareHpS12508 Chassis0235a0e6*******
    2.3HardwareHpS12508 Chassis0235a38n*******
    2.3HardwareHpS12518 (ac-1) Routing Switch0235a0gf*******
    2.3HardwareHpS12518 Chassis0235a0e7*******
    2.3HardwareHpS12518 Chassis0235a38m*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-16c-si-model Ls-s3100-16c-si-ac-ovs0235a15g*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-16c-si-model Ls-s3100-16c-si-dc-ovs0235a14v*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-16t-si-model Ls-s3100-16t-si-ac-ovs0235a15c*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-16tp-ei-model Ls-3100-16tp-ei-h3-a-o0235a300*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-16tp-ei-model Ls-3100-16tp-ei-h3-d-o0235a23h*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-16tp-pwr-ei-model Ls-3100-16tp-pwr-ei-h30235a19c*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-26c-si-model Ls-s3100-26c-si-ac-ovs0235a15h*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-26c-si-model Ls-s3100-26c-si-dc-ovs0235a14w*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-26t-si-model Ls-s3100-26t-si-ac-ovs0235a15d*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-26tp-ei-model Ls-3100-26pt-ei-h3-a-o0235a301*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-26tp-ei-model Ls-3100-26tp-ei-h3-d-o0235a23p*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-26tp-pwr-ei-model Ls-3100-26tp-pwr-ei-h30235a19d*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-52p-model Ls-3100-52p-ovs-h30235a248*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-8c-si-model Ls-s3100-8c-si-ac-ovs0235a15f*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-8c-si-model Ls-s3100-8c-si-dc-ovs0235a15j*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-8t-si-model Ls-s3100-8t-si-ac-ovs0235a15b*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-8tp-ei-model Ls-3100-8tp-ei-h3-a-o0235a29y*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-8tp-ei-model Ls-3100-8tp-ei-h3-d-o0235a23t*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100-8tp-pwr-ei-model Ls-3100-8tp-pwr-ei-h30235a19b*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3100 Ethernet Switch Ls6mcfl1ub Sin0231a65t*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3600-28f-ei-model Ls-3600-28f-ei-ovs0235a10l*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3600-28p-ei-model Ls-3600-28p-ei-ovs0235a10h*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3600-28p-pwr-ei-model Ls-3600-28p-pwr-ei-ovs0235a10c*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3600-28p-pwr-si-model Ls-3600-28p-pwr-si-ovs0235a10b*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3600-28p-si-model Ls-3600-28p-si-ovs0235a10g*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3600-28tp-si-model Ls-3600-28tp-si-ovs0235a10f*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3600-52-si-model Ls-3600-52p-si-ovs0235a10j*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3600-52p-ei-model Ls-3600-52p-ei-ovs0235a10k*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3600-52p-pwr-ei-model Ls-3600-52p-pwr-ei-ovs0235a10e*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3600-52p-pwr-si-model Ls-3600-52p-pwr-si-ovs0235a10d*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3610-28f-model Ls-3610-28f-ovs0235a22f*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3610-28p-model Ls-3610-28p-ovs0235a22d*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3610-28tp-model Ls-3610-28tp-ovs0235a22e*******
    2.3HardwareHpS3610-52p-model Ls-3610-52p-ovs0235a22c*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-16p-ei-model Ls-5100-16p-ei-ovs-h30235a21q*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-16p-pwr-ei-model Ls-5100-16p-pwr-ei-ovs0235a22k*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-16p-si-model Ls-5100-16p-si-ovs-h30235a22r*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-24p-ei-model Ls-5100-24p-ei-ovs0235a08k*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-24p-si-model Ls-5100-24p-si-ovs-h30235a20q*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-26c-ei-model Ls-5100-26c-ei-ovs0235a08f*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-26c-pwr-ei-model Ls-5100-26c-pwr-ei-ovs0235aa2m*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-48p-ei-model Ls-5100-48p-ei-ovs0235a08m*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-48p-si-model Ls-5100-48p-si-ovs-h30235a20r*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-50c-ei-model Ls-5100-50c-ei-ovs0235a08h*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-50c-pwr-ei-model Ls-5100-50c-pwr-ei-ovs0235a22p*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-8p-ei-model Ls-5100-8p-ei-ovs-h30235a21p*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-8p-pwr-ei-model Ls-5100-8p-pwr-ei-ovs0235a22h*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5100-8p-si-model Ls-5100-8p-si-ovs-h30235a22t*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5120-20p-si L2 16ge Plus 4sfp0235a42b*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5120-24p-ei 24ge Plus 4combosfp0235a0bq*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5120-28c-ei 24ge Plus 4combo Plus 2slt0235a0bs*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5120-28c-pwr-ei 24g Plus 4c Plus 2s Plus Poe0235a0bu*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5120-28p-si 24ge Plus 4 Sfp0235a42d*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5120-48p-ei 48ge Plus 4combosfp0235a0br*******
    2.3HardwareHpS5120-52c-ei 48ge Plus 4combo Plus 2slt0235a0bt*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7500e Secblade Vpn Firewall Module0231a832*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7500e Secblade Vpn Firewall Modulelsq1fwbsc0*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7502e Chassis W/ Fans0235a29a*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7502e Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan0235a0g4*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7503e-s Chassis W/ Fans0235a33r*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7503e-s Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan0235a0g5*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7503e Chassis W/ Fans0235a27r*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7503e Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan0235a0g2*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7506e-v Chassis W/ Fans0235a27s*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7506e-v Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan0235a0g3*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7506e Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan0235a0g1*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7510e 768 Gbps Fabric0231a86p*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7510e 768 Gbps Fabriclsq1srpd0*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7510e Chassis W/ Fans0235a25n*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7510e Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan0235a0g0*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7902e Chassis Kit W/ Fans3cs7902e*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7903e-s Chassis Kit W/ Fans3cs7903es*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7903e Chassis Kit W/ Fans3cs7903e*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7906e-v Chassis Kit W/ Fans3cs7906ev*******
    2.3HardwareHpS7906e Chassis Kit W/ Fans3cs7906e*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9500e Secblade Vpn Firewall Module0231a0av*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9500e Secblade Vpn Firewall Modulelsr1fw2a1*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9502 (ls-9502-ovs-h3) Routing Switch Chassisje551a*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9505 Routing Switch Chassis0235a17a*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9505 Routing Switch Chassisjc055a*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9505e Chassis W/ Fans0235a38p*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9505e Routing-switch Chassis0235a0g6*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9508 Routing Switch Chassis0235a16t*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9508 Routing Switch Chassisjc054a*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9508e-v Routing-switch Chassis0235a38q*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9512 Routing Switch Chassis0235a17b*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9512 Routing Switch Chassisjc056a*******
    2.3HardwareHpS9512e Routing-switch Chassis0235a0g7*******
    2.3HardwareHpSecpath U200-a0235a36q*******
    2.3HardwareHpSecpath U200-cs0235a0ct*******
    2.3HardwareHpSecpath U200-s0235a36n*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr6602 1u Router Host0235a27d*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr6604 Router Bundle With Rpe-x1 And Pow0150a12b*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr6608 Router Bundle With Rpe-x1 And Pow0150a129*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr6616 Router Chassis0235a41d*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr66 Gigabit Firewall Module0231a88a*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr8802 10g Core Router Chassis0235a0gc*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr8802 10g Core Router Chassis0235a31b*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr8805 10g Core Router Chassis0235a0g8*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr8805 10g Core Router Chassis0235a31c*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr8808 10g Core Router Chassis0235a0g9*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr8808 10g Core Router Chassis0235a31d*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr8812 10g Core Router Chassis0235a0ga*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr8812 10g Core Router Chassis0235a31e*******
    2.3HardwareHpSr88 Firewall Processing Module0231a88l*******
    2.3HardwareHpSs4 5500-si Switch 28 Port3cr17151-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpSs4 5500g-ei 24 Port Sfp (no Psu)3cr17259-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpSs4 5500g-ei Switch 24pt (no Psu)3cr17254-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpSs4 5500g-ei Switch 48pt (no Psu)3cr17255-91********
    2.3HardwareHpSs4 Switch 5500-si 52 Port3cr17152-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpSw8807 Kit Taa3c17543taa*******
    2.3HardwareHpSw8810 Ac Chassis Kit Taa3c17541taa*******
    2.3HardwareHpSw8814 Ac Chassis Kit Taa3c17540taa*******
    2.3HardwareHpSwitch 4210 18-port3cr17332a-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpSwitch E4210-24g-poe3crs42g-24p-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpSwitch E4510-24g3crs45g-24-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpTaa 5500-ei Pwr Switch 28-port3cr17171taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpTaa 5500-ei Pwr Switch 52-port3cr17172taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpTaa 5500-ei Switch 28-port3cr17161taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpTaa Compliant 5500g-ei 24-port3cr17250taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpTaa Compliant 5500g-ei 48-port3cr17251taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpTaa Compliant 5500g-ei Pwr 24p3cr17252taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpTaa Compliant 5500g-ei Pwr 48p3cr17253taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpTaa Compliant 5500g-ei Sfp 24p3cr17258taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpTaa Switch 5500-ei 28-port Fx3cr17181taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpTaa Switch 5500-ei 52-port3cr17162taa-91*******
    2.3HardwareHpU200-a Utm Appliancejd275a*******
    2.3HardwareHpU200-s Utm Appliancejd273a*******
    2.3HardwareHpV1910-24g-poe (170w) Switch-*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx3008 4 Poe Plus0235a0as*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx3010 8 Poe Plus0235a37u*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx3024 4sfpcombo Plus Slot Plus Poeplus0235a37t*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx5002 Access Controller0235a34b*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx5002 Access Controllerjd447a*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx5002 Access Controllerjd447b*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx5002 Access Controllerjd468a*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx5004 4-port 1000base-x/1000base-t (combo) Access Controller0235a0gd*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx5004 Access Controller0235a35j*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx5004 Access Controllerjd448a*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx5004 Access Controllerjd448b*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx5004 Access Controllerjd469a*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx6103 Access Controller Support Up To 128 Access Pointsjf247a*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx 5002 Access Controller3cruwx500275*******
    2.3HardwareHpWx 5004 Access Controller3cruwx500475*******
  • OR - Configuration 2
    Cpe VersionPartVendorProductVersionUpdateEditionLanguageSW EditionTarget SWTarget HWOtherVersion Start IncludingVersion End IncludingVersion Start ExcludingVersion End Excluding

Vulnerable Software List

Hp S9512e Routing-switch Chassis 0235a0g7
Hp Secpath U200-a 0235a36q
Hp Secpath U200-cs 0235a0ct
Hp Secpath U200-s 0235a36n
Hp Sr6602 1u Router Host 0235a27d
Hp Sr6604 Router Bundle With Rpe-x1 And Pow 0150a12b
Hp Sr6608 Router Bundle With Rpe-x1 And Pow 0150a129
Hp Sr6616 Router Chassis 0235a41d
Hp Sr66 Gigabit Firewall Module 0231a88a
Hp Sr8802 10g Core Router Chassis 0235a0gc, 0235a31b
Hp Sr8805 10g Core Router Chassis 0235a0g8, 0235a31c
Hp Sr8808 10g Core Router Chassis 0235a0g9, 0235a31d
Hp Sr8812 10g Core Router Chassis 0235a0ga, 0235a31e
Hp Sr88 Firewall Processing Module 0231a88l
Hp Ss4 5500-si Switch 28 Port 3cr17151-91
Hp Ss4 5500g-ei 24 Port Sfp (no Psu) 3cr17259-91
Hp Ss4 5500g-ei Switch 24pt (no Psu) 3cr17254-91
Hp Ss4 5500g-ei Switch 48pt (no Psu)3cr17255-91 *
Hp Ss4 Switch 5500-si 52 Port 3cr17152-91
Hp Sw8807 Kit Taa 3c17543taa
Hp Sw8810 Ac Chassis Kit Taa 3c17541taa
Hp Sw8814 Ac Chassis Kit Taa 3c17540taa
Hp Switch 4210 18-port 3cr17332a-91
Hp Switch E4210-24g-poe 3crs42g-24p-91
Hp Switch E4510-24g 3crs45g-24-91
Hp Taa 5500-ei Pwr Switch 28-port 3cr17171taa-91
Hp Taa 5500-ei Pwr Switch 52-port 3cr17172taa-91
Hp Taa 5500-ei Switch 28-port 3cr17161taa-91
Hp Taa Compliant 5500g-ei 24-port 3cr17250taa-91
Hp Taa Compliant 5500g-ei 48-port 3cr17251taa-91
Hp Taa Compliant 5500g-ei Pwr 24p 3cr17252taa-91
Hp Taa Compliant 5500g-ei Pwr 48p 3cr17253taa-91
Hp Taa Compliant 5500g-ei Sfp 24p 3cr17258taa-91
Hp Taa Switch 5500-ei 28-port Fx 3cr17181taa-91
Hp Taa Switch 5500-ei 52-port 3cr17162taa-91
Hp U200-a Utm Appliance jd275a
Hp U200-s Utm Appliance jd273a
Hp V1910-24g-poe (170w) Switch -
Hp Wx3008 4 Poe Plus 0235a0as
Hp Wx3010 8 Poe Plus 0235a37u
Hp Wx3024 4sfpcombo Plus Slot Plus Poeplus 0235a37t
Hp Wx5002 Access Controller 0235a34b, jd447a, jd447b, jd468a
Hp Wx5004 4-port 1000base-x/1000base-t (combo) Access Controller 0235a0gd
Hp Wx5004 Access Controller 0235a35j, jd448a, jd448b, jd469a
Hp Wx6103 Access Controller Support Up To 128 Access Points jf247a
Hp Wx 5002 Access Controller 3cruwx500275
Hp Wx 5004 Access Controller 3cruwx500475
Hp -5120-24g-poe (370w) Si Switch jg091a
Hp 10500/7500 Advanced Vpn Firewall Module jd249a
Hp 10504 Switch Chassis jc613a
Hp 10508-v Switch Chassis jc611a
Hp 10508 Switch Chassis jc612a
Hp 10512 Switch Chassis jc748a
Hp 12500 Vpn Firewall Module jc635a
Hp 12508 Dc Switch Chassis jc652a
Hp 12508 Switch Chassis jc086a, jf431a, jf431c, jr431b
Hp 12518 Dc Switch Chassis jc653a, juc653a
Hp 12518 Switch Chassis jc085a, jf430a, jf430c, jr430b
Hp 1910-16g Switch je005a
Hp 1910-24g-poe (170w) Switch je008a
Hp 1910-24g-poe (365w) Switch je007a
Hp 1910-24g Switch je006a
Hp 1910-48g Switch je009a
Hp 1910-8g-poe (180w) Switch jg350a
Hp 1910-8g-poe (65w) Switch jg349a
Hp 1910-8g Switch jg348a
Hp 200-cs Utm Appliance jd268a
Hp 200-m Utm Appliance jd274a
Hp 3000-10g-poe Wireless Switch jd450a
Hp 3000-24g-poe Wireless Switch jd449a
Hp 3000-8g-poe Wireless Switch jd444a
Hp 3012 Router 3c13612, jd916a
Hp 3013 Router 3c13613, jd917a
Hp 3016 Router 3c13616, jd918a
Hp 3036 Router 3c13636, jd921a
Hp 3040 Router 3c13640, jd922a
Hp 3041 Router 3c13641, jd923a
Hp 3100-16-poe Ei Switch jd312a
Hp 3100-16 Dc Ei Switch jd314a
Hp 3100-16 Ei Switch jd319a
Hp 3100-16 Si Switch jd305a
Hp 3100-16 V2 Ei Switch jd319b
Hp 3100-16 V2 Si Switch jg222a
Hp 3100-24-poe Ei Switch jd313a
Hp 3100-24-poe V2 Ei Switch jd313b
Hp 3100-24 Dc Ei Switch jd315a
Hp 3100-24 Ei Switch jd320a
Hp 3100-24 Si Switch jd306a
Hp 3100-24 V2 Ei Switch jd320b
Hp 3100-24 V2 Si Switch jg223a
Hp 3100-48 Switch jd317a
Hp 3100-48 V2 Switch jg315a
Hp 3100-8-poe Ei Switch jd311a
Hp 3100-8 Dc Ei Switch jd316a
Hp 3100-8 Ei Switch jd318a
Hp 3100-8 Si Switch jd304a, jd307a
Hp 3100-8 V2 Ei Switch jd318b
Hp 3100-8 V2 Si Switch jg221a
Hp 3600-24-poe V2 Ei Switch jg301a
Hp 3600-24-poe Ei Switch jd326a
Hp 3600-24-poe Si Switch jd325a
Hp 3600-24-sfp Ei Switch jd334a
Hp 3600-24-sfp V2 Ei Switch jg303a
Hp 3600-24 Ei Switch jd331a
Hp 3600-24 Si Switch jd330a
Hp 3600-24 Tp Si Switch jd329a
Hp 3600-24 V2 Ei Switch jg299a
Hp 3600-24 V2 Si Switch jg304a
Hp 3600-48-poe V2 Ei Switch jg302a
Hp 3600-48-poe V2 Si Switch jg307a
Hp 3600-48-poe Ei Switch jd328a
Hp 3600-48-poe Si Switch jd327a
Hp 3600-48 Ei Switch jd333a
Hp 3600-48 Si Switch jd332a
Hp 3600-48 V2 Ei Switch jg300a
Hp 3600-48 V2 Si Switch jg305a
Hp 3610-24-2g-2g-sfp Switch jd337a
Hp 3610-24-4g-sfp Switch jd336a
Hp 3610-24-sfp Switch jd338a
Hp 3610-48 Switch jd335a
Hp 4200-12g Switch je015a
Hp 4200-si Switch 28 Port 3c17304a
Hp 4200-si Switch 50 Port 3c17302a
Hp 4200g Switch 12-port 3cr17660-91
Hp 4200g Switch 24-port 3cr17661-91
Hp 4200g Switch 48-port 3cr17662-91
Hp 4200g Switch Pwr 24-port 3cr17671-91
Hp 4210-16 Switch je025a, jr024a
Hp 4210-24-poe Switch je032a, je033a
Hp 4210-24 Switch je026a, jf427a
Hp 4210-24g-poe Switch jf846a
Hp 4210-24g Switch 3crs42g-24-91, jf844a
Hp 4210-48 Switch je027a
Hp 4210-48g Switch 3crs42g-48-91, jf845a
Hp 4210-8-poe Switch je028a, je029a
Hp 4210-8 Switch je021a, je022a
Hp 4210 Pwr Switch 26-port 3cr17343a-91
Hp 4210 Pwr Switch 9-port 3cr17341-91, 3cr17341a-91
Hp 4210 Switch 18-port 3cr17332-91
Hp 4210 Switch 26-port 3cr17333-91, 3cr17333a-91
Hp 4210 Switch 52-port 3cr17334-91
Hp 4210 Switch 9-port 3cr17331-91, 3cr17331a-91
Hp 4210 Switch 9-port Taa 3cr17331taa-91
Hp 4210 Switch Pwr 18-port 3cr17342-91
Hp 4210 Switch Pwr 26-port 3cr17343-91
Hp 4210 Switch Pwr 9p Taa 3cr17341taa-91
Hp 4500-24-poe Switch Je047a *
Hp 4500-24 Switch je045a
Hp 4500-24g-poe Switch je061a
Hp 4500-48-poe Switch je048a
Hp 4500-48 Switch je046a
Hp 4500-48g-poe Switch je063a
Hp 4500 Pwr Switch 26-port 3cr17571-91
Hp 4500 Pwr Switch 50-port 3cr17572-91
Hp 4500 Switch 26-port 3cr17561-91
Hp 4500 Switch 50-port 3cr17562-91
Hp 4500g Pwr Switch 24-port 3cr17771-91
Hp 4500g Pwr Switch 24-port Taa 3cr17771taa-91
Hp 4500g Pwr Switch 48-port 3cr17772-91
Hp 4500g Pwr Switch 48-port Taa 3cr17772taa-91
Hp 4500g Switch 24-port 3cr17761-91
Hp 4500g Switch 24-port Taa 3cr17761taa-91
Hp 4500g Switch 48-port 3cr17762-91
Hp 4500g Switch 48-port Taa 3cr17762taa-91
Hp 4510-24g Switch jf847a
Hp 4510-48g Switch jf428a
Hp 4510g Switch 48 Port 3crs45g-48-91
Hp 4800-24g-poe Switch jd008a
Hp 4800-24g-sfp Switch jd009a
Hp 4800-24g Switch jd007a
Hp 4800-48g-poe Switch jd011a
Hp 4800-48g Switch jd010a
Hp 4800g Pwr Switch 24-port 3crs48g-24p-91
Hp 4800g Pwr Switch 48-port 3crs48g-48p-91
Hp 4800g Switch 24-port 3crs48g-24-91
Hp 4800g Switch 24-port Sfp 3crs48g-24s-91
Hp 4800g Switch 48-port 3crs48g-48-91
Hp 5012 Router 3c13701, jd935a
Hp 5120-16g Si Switch je073a
Hp 5120-24g-poe (170w) Si Switch jg092a
Hp 5120-24g-poe Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg236a
Hp 5120-24g-poe Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Slots jg247a
Hp 5120-24g Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg245a
Hp 5120-24g Si Switch je074a
Hp 5120-48g-poe Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg237a
Hp 5120-48g-poe Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Slots jg248a
Hp 5120-48g Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg246a
Hp 5120-48g Si Switch je072a
Hp 5232 Router 3c13751, jd943a
Hp 5500-24g-4sfp Hi Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg311a
Hp 5500-24g-poe Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg241a
Hp 5500-24g-poe Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg252a
Hp 5500-24g-poe Si Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg238a
Hp 5500-24g-poe Ei Switch jd378a
Hp 5500-24g-poe Si Switch jd371a
Hp 5500-24g-sfp Dc Ei Switch jd379a
Hp 5500-24g-sfp Ei Switch jd374a
Hp 5500-24g-sfp Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg249a
Hp 5500-24g Dc Ei Switch jd373a
Hp 5500-24g Ei Switch jd377a
Hp 5500-24g Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg250a
Hp 5500-24g Si Switch jd369a
Hp 5500-48g-4sfp Hi Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg312a
Hp 5500-48g-poe Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg240a
Hp 5500-48g-poe Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg253a
Hp 5500-48g-poe Si Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg239a
Hp 5500-48g-poe Ei Switch jd376a
Hp 5500-48g-poe Si Switch jd372a
Hp 5500-48g Ei Switch jd375a
Hp 5500-48g Ei Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg251a
Hp 5500-48g Si Switch jd370a
Hp 5500-ei Pwr Switch 28-port 3cr17171-91
Hp 5500-ei Pwr Switch 52-port 3cr17172-91
Hp 5500-ei Switch 28-port Fx 3cr17181-91
Hp 5500-ei Switch 52-port 3cr17162-91
Hp 5500g-24 Ei 10/100/1000 No Power Supply Unit Switch jf551a
Hp 5500g-24 Ei Sfp No Power Supply Unit Switch jf553a
Hp 5500g-48 Ei 10/100/1000 No Power Supply Unit Switch jf552a
Hp 5500g-ei Pwr Switch 48-port 3cr17253-91
Hp 5500g-ei Switch 24 Port 3cr17250-91
Hp 5500g-ei Switch 48-port 3cr17251-91
Hp 5500g-ei Switch Pwr 24-port3cr17252-91 *
Hp 5500g-ei Switch Sfp 24-port 3cr17258-91
Hp 5682 Router 3c13759, jd946a
Hp 5800-24g-poe Taa-compliant Switch jg254a
Hp 5800-24g-poe Switch jc099a
Hp 5800-24g-sfp Switch jc103a
Hp 5800-24g-sfp Taa-compliant Switch With 1 Interface Slot jg256a
Hp 5800-24g Switch jc100a
Hp 5800-24g Taa-compliant Switch jg255a
Hp 5800-48g-poe Taa-compliant Switch With 1 Interface Slot jg257a
Hp 5800-48g-poe Taa-compliant Switch With 2 Interface Slots jg242a
Hp 5800-48g-poe Switch jc104a
Hp 5800-48g Switch jc105a
Hp 5800-48g Switch With 2 Slots jc101a
Hp 5800-48g Taa-compliant Switch With 1 Interface Slot jg258a
Hp 5800af-48g Switch jg225a
Hp 5810-48g Switch jf242a
Hp 5820 Vpn Firewall Modulejd255a *
Hp 5830 Cto Built Switch jg478a
Hp 5830af-48g Switch With 1 Interface Slot jc691a
Hp 5830af-96g Switch jc694a
Hp 6040 Router Chassis 3c13840, jd967a
Hp 6080 Router Chassis jd972a
Hp 6080 Router Chassis 3c13880 -
Hp 6600 Firewall Processing Router Module jd250a
Hp 6600 Rpe X1 Router Module jc165a
Hp 6600 Rse-x1 Router Main Processing Unit jc566a
Hp 6602 Router Chassis jc176a
Hp 6604 Router Chassis jc178a, jc178b
Hp 6608 Router jc177a
Hp 6608 Router Chassis jc177b
Hp 6616 Router Chassis jc496a
Hp 7500 384gbps Fabric Module jd194a
Hp 7500 384gbps Fabric Module With 2 Xfp Ports jd193a, jd193b
Hp 7500 384gbps Taa-compliant Fabric / Main Processing Unit jc700a
Hp 7500 384gbps Taa-compliant Fabric / Mpu With 2 10gbe Xfp Ports jc699a
Hp 7500 768gbps Fabric Module jd220a
Hp 7500 768gbps Taa-compliant Fabric / Main Processing Unit jc701a
Hp 7502 Switch Chassis jd242a, jd242b
Hp 7502 Taa-compliant Main Processing Unit jc697a
Hp 7503-s 144gbps Fabric/mpu With Poe Upgradable 20-port Gig-t/4-port Gbe Combo jc666a
Hp 7503-s 144gbps Taa Fabric / Mpu With 16 Gbe Sfp Ports And 8 Gbe Combo Ports jc698a
Hp 7503 Switch Chassis jd240a, jd240b
Hp 7503 Switch Chassis With 1 Fabric Slot jd243a, jd243b
Hp 7506 Switch Chassis jd239a, jd239b
Hp 7506 Vertical Switch Chassis jd241a, jd241b
Hp 7510 Switch Chassis jd238a, jd238b
Hp 8800 Firewall Processing Module jd251a
Hp 8802 Router Chassis jc147a, jc147b
Hp 8805 Router Chassis jc148a, jc148b
Hp 8807 7-slot Chassis Kit je203a
Hp 8807 Kit (taa) Switch je204a
Hp 8807 Switch 7-slot Chassis Kit 3c17543
Hp 8808 Router Chassis jc149a, jc149b
Hp 8810 10-slot Ac (taa) Chassis Kit je201a
Hp 8810 10-slot Chassis Kit je200a
Hp 8810 Switch 10-slot Chassis Kit 3c17541
Hp 8812 Router Chassis jc150a, jc150b
Hp 8814 14-slot Ac (taa) Chassis Kit je199a
Hp 8814 14-slot Chassis Kit je198a
Hp 8814 Switch 14-slot Chassis Kit 3c17540
Hp 9500 Vpn Firewall Module jd245a
Hp 9505 Switch Chassis jc124b
Hp 9508-v Switch Chassis jc474a, jc474b
Hp 9512 Switch Chassis jc125a, jc125b
Hp A-msr20-15 A Multi-service Router jd670a
Hp A-msr20-15 Aw Multi-service Router jd671a
Hp A-msr20-15 I Multi-service Router jd672a
Hp A-msr20-15 Iw Multi-service Router jd667a
Hp A-msr20-20 Router -
Hp A-msr20-21 Router jd432a, jd663a
Hp A-msr30-16 Router With Vcx And 4-port Fxo And 2-port Fxs Modules -
Hp A-msr30-16 Router With Vcx Ent Mim Module -
Hp A-msr30-20 Multi-service Router Security Bundle jf286a
Hp A-msr30-40 Router With Vcx And E1 And 4-port Bri And 4-port Fxs Modules -
Hp A-msr30-40 Router With Vcx And T1 And 4-port Fxo And 4-port Fxs Modules -
Hp A-msr30-40 Rt-msr3040-ac-ovs-as-h3 Multi-service Router jf232a
Hp A-msr50-40 Dc Router Chassis -
Hp A-u200-a Unified Threat Management Appliance -
Hp A-u200-s Unified Threat Management Appliance -
Hp A-wx5002 Access Controller -
Hp A-wx5004 Access Controller -
Hp A12508 Switch Chassis -
Hp A12518 Switch Chassis -
Hp A3000-10g-poe Wireless Switch -
Hp A3000-24g-poe Wireless Switch -
Hp A3100-16 Dc Ei Switch -
Hp A3100-16 Dc Si 2-slot Switch jd302a
Hp A3100-16 Si With 2 External Slots Switch jd308a
Hp A3100-24-poe Ei Switch -
Hp A3100-24 Dc Ei Switch -
Hp A3100-24 Dc Si 2-slot Switch jd303a
Hp A3100-24 Ei Switch -
Hp A3100-24 Si 2-slot Switch jd309a
Hp A3100-24 Si Switch -
Hp A3100-26c-epon-ei Switch jg059a
Hp A3100-8 Si 1-slot Switch jd310a
Hp A3100-8 Si Switch -
Hp A3100 (ls6mcfl1ub) Ethernet Switch je545a
Hp A3600-24-poe Ei Switch -
Hp A3600-24-poe Si Switch -
Hp A3600-24-sfp Ei Switch -
Hp A3600-24 Ei Switch -
Hp A3600-24 Si Switch -
Hp A3600-24tp Si Switch -
Hp A3600-48-poe Ei Switch -
Hp A3600-48-poe Si Switch -
Hp A3600-48 Ei Switch -
Hp A3610-24-2g-sfp Switch -
Hp A3610-24-4g Switch -
Hp A3610-24-sfp Switch -
Hp A3610-48 Switch -
Hp A5100-16g-poe Ei Switch jd353a
Hp A5100-16g Ei Switch jd351a
Hp A5100-16g Si Switch jd356a
Hp A5100-24g-poe Ei Switch jd354a
Hp A5100-24g Ei Switch jd346a
Hp A5100-24g Ei Switch With Sfp Uplink jd344a
Hp A5100-24g Si Switch jd348a
Hp A5100-48g-poe Ei Switch jd355a
Hp A5100-48g Ei Switch jd347a
Hp A5100-48g Ei Switch With Sfp Uplink jd345a
Hp A5100-48g Si Switch jd349a
Hp A5100-8g-poe Ei Switch jd352a
Hp A5100-8g Ei Switch jd350a
Hp A5100-8g Si Switch jd357a
Hp A5120-24g-poe Ei 2-slot Switch je070a
Hp A5120-24g Ei Switch je066a
Hp A5120-24g Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slots je068a
Hp A5120-48g-poe Ei 2-slot Switch je071a
Hp A5120-48g Ei Switch je067a
Hp A5120-48g Ei Switch With 2 Interface Slots je069a
Hp A5120-48g Si Switch -
Hp A5810-48g With 2 Sfp Slots Ac Switch -
Hp A5820 Vpn Firewall Module -
Hp A6600 Firewall Processing Module -
Hp A6600 Rpe-x1 Main Processing Unit -
Hp A6602 Router -
Hp A6604 Router Bundle With Rpe-x1 Modules And Power Supply je528a
Hp A6604 Router Chassis -
Hp A6604 Router With 2 Rpe-x1 Modules jc158a
Hp A6608 Router -
Hp A6608 Router (rt-sr6608-ovs 2 Rpe-x1 2 Ac-h3) Bundle je527a
Hp A6608 Router Bundle With Rpe-x1 Modules And Power Supply je526a
Hp A6616 Router Chassis -
Hp A7500 384gbps Fabric/main Processing Unit -
Hp A7500 384gbps Fabric/main Processing Unit With 2 10gbe Xfp Ports -
Hp A7502 Switch Chassis -
Hp A7502 Taa-compliant Main Processing Unit -
Hp A7503-s Switch Chassis -
Hp A7503 Switch Chassis -
Hp A7506-v Switch Chassis -
Hp A7506 Switch Chassis -
Hp A7506 Switch Chassis H3c S7506e Chassis W/ Fans 0235a27q
Hp A7510 768gbps Fabric/main Processing Unit -
Hp A7510 768gbps Taa-compliant Fabric/main Processing Unit -
Hp A7510 Switch Chassis -
Hp A8802 Router Chassis -
Hp A8805 Router Chassis -
Hp A8808 Router Chassis -
Hp A8812 Router Chassis -
Hp A9505 Switch Chassis -
Hp A9508 Switch Chassis -
Hp A9512 Switch Chassis -
Hp A9512w Chassis W/ Fans 0235a38r
Hp Ar18-31e Router 0235a09t
Hp Ar 18-31e Router jd172a
Hp Baseline Plus 2900 Switch Gigabit Family - 52 Port 3crbsg5293
Hp Baseline Plus 2900g Switch - 20 Port 3crbsg2093
Hp Baseline Plus 2900g Switch - 28 Port 3crbsg2893
Hp Baseline Plus 2900g Switch - 28hpwr 3crbsg28hpwr93
Hp Baseline Plus 2900g Switch - 28pwr 3crbsg28pwr93
Hp E4200-12g Switch -
Hp E4200-24 Si Switch je013a
Hp E4200-24g-poe Switch je020a
Hp E4200-24g Switch je016a
Hp E4200-48 Si Switch je012a
Hp E4200-48g Switch je018a
Hp E4210-16-poe Switch je031a
Hp E4210-16 Switch -
Hp E4210-24 Switch -
Hp E4210-24g-poe Switch -
Hp E4210-24g Switch -
Hp E4210-48g Switch -
Hp E4210-8-poe (taa) Switch je030a
Hp E4210 8-port (taa) Switch je023a
Hp E4500-24g-poe (taa) Switch je062a
Hp E4500-24g (taa) Switch je058a
Hp E4500-24g Switch je057a
Hp E4500-48g-poe (taa) Switch je064a
Hp E4500-48g-poe Switch -
Hp E4500-48g (taa) Switch je060a
Hp E4500-48g Switch je059a
Hp E4510-24g Switch -
Hp E4510-48g Switch -
Hp E4800-24g-sfp Switch -
Hp E5500-24-poe Ei (taa) Switch je106a
Hp E5500-24-poe Switch je105a
Hp E5500-24-sfp Switch je109a
Hp E5500-24-spf Ei (taa) Switch je110a
Hp E5500-24 Ei (taa) Switch je102a
Hp E5500-24 Si Switch je099a
Hp E5500-24 Switch je101a
Hp E5500-24g-poe 'taa) Switch je093a
Hp E5500-24g-poe Switch je092a
Hp E5500-24g-sfp (taa) Switch je097a
Hp E5500-24g-sfp Switch je096a
Hp E5500-24g (taa) Switch je089a
Hp E5500-24g Switch je088a
Hp E5500-48-poe Ei (taa) Switch je108a
Hp E5500-48-poe Switch je107a
Hp E5500-48 Ei (taa) Switch je104a
Hp E5500-48 Si Switch je100a
Hp E5500-48 Switch je103a
Hp E5500-48g-poe (taa) Switch je095a
Hp E5500-48g-poe Switch je094a
Hp E5500-48g (taa) Switch je091a
Hp E5500-48g Switch je090a
Hp E7902 Switch Chassis je164a
Hp E7903 1 Fabric Slot Switch Chassis je166a
Hp E7903 Switch Chassis je165a
Hp E7906 Switch Chassis je167a
Hp E7906 Vertical Switch Chassis je168a
Hp F1000-e Vpe Firewall Appliance jd272a
Hp F1000-e Vpn Firewall 0235a26g
Hp F1000-ei Vpn Firewall Appliance jg214a
Hp F1000-s-ei Vpn Firewall Appliance jg213a
Hp F5000 Firewall Main Processing Unit jg215a
Hp Ls-9502-ovs-h3 0235a21x
Hp Msr-20-21 Router 0235a19j
Hp Msr20-10 Router jd431a
Hp Msr20-11 Router jd673a, jf239a
Hp Msr20-12-t-w Router (na) jg209a
Hp Msr20-12-t Router jd676a, jf806a
Hp Msr20-12-w Router jd675a, jf807a
Hp Msr20-12 Router jd674a, jf241a
Hp Msr20-12 W 0235a32g
Hp Msr20-13-w Router jd669a, jf808a
Hp Msr20-13-w Router (na) jg210a
Hp Msr20-13 Router jd668a, jf240a
Hp Msr20-15-a-w Router jf809a
Hp Msr20-15-a Router jf237a
Hp Msr20-15-i-w Router jf238a
Hp Msr20-15-i Router jf236a
Hp Msr20-15 Router jf817a
Hp Msr20-20 Router jd662a, jf283a
Hp Msr20-21 Router jd663b
Hp Msr20-40 Router jd664a, jf228a
Hp Msr30-10 Dc Router jg184a
Hp Msr30-10 Router jf816a
Hp Msr30-11 Router jf800a
Hp Msr30-11e Router jg182a
Hp Msr30-11f Router jg183a
Hp Msr30-16 Poe Router jd659a, jf234a
Hp Msr30-16 Router jd665a, jf233a
Hp Msr30-16 Router With Vcx And 4-port Fxo And 2-port Fxs Modules jd025a
Hp Msr30-16 Router With Vcx Enterprise Branch Communications Mim Module jd024a
Hp Msr30-20 Dc Router jf235a
Hp Msr30-20 Poe Router jd660a, jf802a
Hp Msr30-20 Router jd666a, jf284a
Hp Msr30-40 Poe Router jd661a, jf803a
Hp Msr30-40 Router jd657a, jf229a
Hp Msr30-40 Router With Vcx And 8-port Bri And 4-port Fxs Modules jd027a
Hp Msr30-40 Router With Vcx And 8-port Fxo And 4-port Fxs Modules jd026a
Hp Msr30-40 Router With Vcx And E1 And 4-port Bri And 4-port Fxs Modules jd029a
Hp Msr30-40 Router With Vcx And T1 And 4-port Fxo And 4-port Fxs Modules jd028a
Hp Msr30-60 Dc Router jf801a
Hp Msr30-60 Poe Router jd654a, jf804a
Hp Msr30-60 Router jd658a, jf230a
Hp Msr50-40 Dc Router jf285a
Hp Msr50-40 Router jd433a
Hp Msr50-60 Router jd656a, jf231a
Hp Msr50-60 Router Chassis With Dc Power Supply jf640a
Hp Msr5040-dc-ovs-h3c 0235a20p
Hp Msr900-w Router jf814a
Hp Msr900-w Router (na) jg207a
Hp Msr900 2-port Fe Wan / 4-port Fe Lan Router jf812a
Hp Msr920-w Router (na) jg208a
Hp Msr920 2-port Fe Wan / 8-port Fe Lan / 802.11b/g Router jf815a
Hp Msr920 Router jf813a
Hp Msr 20-10 0235a0a7
Hp Msr 20-11 0235a31v
Hp Msr 20-12 0235a32e
Hp Msr 20-12 T1 0235a32b
Hp Msr 20-13 0235a31w
Hp Msr 20-13 W 0235a31x
Hp Msr 20-15 A 0235a31q
Hp Msr 20-15 A W 0235a31r
Hp Msr 20-15 I 0235a31n
Hp Msr 20-15 Iw 0235a31p
Hp Msr 20-15 Router Host (ac) 1 Fe 4 Lsw 1 Adslopots 1 Dsic 0235a0a8
Hp Msr 20-20 0235a19h
Hp Msr 20-21 0235a325
Hp Msr 20-40 0235a19k
Hp Msr 30-10 Router Host (ac) 2fe 2sic 1xmim 256ddr 0235a39h
Hp Msr 30-16 0235a237
Hp Msr 30-16 Poe 0235a238
Hp Msr 30-20 0235a19l
Hp Msr 30-20 Router 0235a328
Hp Msr 30-20 Router Host 0235a20s, rtvz33020as
Hp Msr 30-40 0235a20j
Hp Msr 30-40 Poe 0235a25r
Hp Msr 30-40 Router Host (dc) 0235a268
Hp Msr 30-60 0235a20k
Hp Msr 30-60 Poe 0235a25s
Hp Msr 3016 Vcx Cpm 4fxo/2fxs Bundle 3crbvcxmsr03a
Hp Msr 3016 Vcx Ent Mim Bundle 3crbvcxmsr02a
Hp Msr 3040 Vcx Cpm 8bri/4fxs Bundle 3crbvcxmsr06a
Hp Msr 3040 Vcx Cpm 8fxo/4fxs Bundle 3crbvcxmsr05a
Hp Msr 3040 Vcx Cpm E1/4bri/4fxs Bundle 3crbvcxmsr08a
Hp Msr 3040 Vcx Cpm T1/4fxo/4fxs Bundle 3crbvcxmsr07a
Hp Msr 3040 Vcx Ent Mim Bundle 3crbvcxmsr01a
Hp Msr 50-40 Chassis 0235a20n
Hp Msr 50-40 Router 0235a297, jd655a
Hp Msr 50-60 Chassis 0235a20l
Hp Msr 900 Router 2 Fe Wan 4 Fe Lan 256ddr 0235a0bx
Hp Msr 900 Router With 802.11b/g 2 Fe Wan 4 Fe Lan 256ddr 802.11b 0235a0c2
Hp Msr 920 Router 2 Fe Wan 8 Fe Lan 256ddr 0235a0c0
Hp Msr 920 Router With 802.11b/g 2 Fe Wan 8 Fe Lan 256ddr 0235a0c4
Hp Msrr30-40 Dc Router jf287a
Hp Msrr30-40 Router With Vcx Mim Module jd023a
Hp Rt-msr2011-ac-ovs-h3 0235a395
Hp Rt-msr2012-ac-ovs-h3 0235a396
Hp Rt-msr2012-ac-ovs-w-h3 0235a397
Hp Rt-msr2012-t-ac-ovs-h3 0235a398
Hp Rt-msr2013-ac-ovs-h3 0235a390
Hp Rt-msr2013-ac-ovs-w-h3 0235a391
Hp Rt-msr2015-ac-ovs-a-h3 0235a392
Hp Rt-msr2015-ac-ovs-aw-h3 0235a393
Hp Rt-msr2015-ac-ovs-i-h3 0235a394
Hp Rt-msr2015-ac-ovs-iw-h3 0235a38v
Hp Rt-msr2020-ac-ovs-h3c 0235a324
Hp Rt-msr2040-ac-ovs-h3 0235a326
Hp Rt-msr3011-ac-ovs-h3 0235a29l
Hp Rt-msr3016-ac-ovs-h3 0235a327
Hp Rt-msr3016-ac-poe-ovs-h3 0235a321
Hp Rt-msr3020-ac-poe-ovs-h3 0235a322
Hp Rt-msr3020-dc-ovs-h3 0235a267
Hp Rt-msr3040-ac-ovs-as-h3 0235a20v
Hp Rt-msr3040-ac-ovs-h 0235a299
Hp Rt-msr3040-ac-poe-ovs-h3 0235a323
Hp Rt-msr3060-ac-ovs-h3 0235a320
Hp Rt-msr3060-ac-poe-ovs-h3 0235a296
Hp Rt-msr3060-dc-ovs-h3 0235a269
Hp Rt-msr5060-ac-ovs-h3 0235a298
Hp Rt-sr66-rpe-x1-h3 0231a761, rpe-x1
Hp Rt-sr6604-ovs-h3 0235a37x
Hp Rt-sr6604-ovs Plus 2 Rpe-x1 Plus 2 Ac-h3 0150a12c
Hp Rt-sr6608-ovs-h3 0235a32x
Hp Rt-sr6608-ovs Plus 2 Rpe-x1 Plus 2 Ac-h3 0150a12a
Hp S12508 (ac-1) Routing Switch 0235a0ge
Hp S12508 Chassis 0235a0e6, 0235a38n
Hp S12518 (ac-1) Routing Switch 0235a0gf
Hp S12518 Chassis 0235a0e7, 0235a38m
Hp S3100-16c-si-model Ls-s3100-16c-si-ac-ovs 0235a15g
Hp S3100-16c-si-model Ls-s3100-16c-si-dc-ovs 0235a14v
Hp S3100-16t-si-model Ls-s3100-16t-si-ac-ovs 0235a15c
Hp S3100-16tp-ei-model Ls-3100-16tp-ei-h3-a-o 0235a300
Hp S3100-16tp-ei-model Ls-3100-16tp-ei-h3-d-o 0235a23h
Hp S3100-16tp-pwr-ei-model Ls-3100-16tp-pwr-ei-h3 0235a19c
Hp S3100-26c-si-model Ls-s3100-26c-si-ac-ovs 0235a15h
Hp S3100-26c-si-model Ls-s3100-26c-si-dc-ovs 0235a14w
Hp S3100-26t-si-model Ls-s3100-26t-si-ac-ovs 0235a15d
Hp S3100-26tp-ei-model Ls-3100-26pt-ei-h3-a-o 0235a301
Hp S3100-26tp-ei-model Ls-3100-26tp-ei-h3-d-o 0235a23p
Hp S3100-26tp-pwr-ei-model Ls-3100-26tp-pwr-ei-h3 0235a19d
Hp S3100-52p-model Ls-3100-52p-ovs-h3 0235a248
Hp S3100-8c-si-model Ls-s3100-8c-si-ac-ovs 0235a15f
Hp S3100-8c-si-model Ls-s3100-8c-si-dc-ovs 0235a15j
Hp S3100-8t-si-model Ls-s3100-8t-si-ac-ovs 0235a15b
Hp S3100-8tp-ei-model Ls-3100-8tp-ei-h3-a-o 0235a29y
Hp S3100-8tp-ei-model Ls-3100-8tp-ei-h3-d-o 0235a23t
Hp S3100-8tp-pwr-ei-model Ls-3100-8tp-pwr-ei-h3 0235a19b
Hp S3100 Ethernet Switch Ls6mcfl1ub Sin 0231a65t
Hp S3600-28f-ei-model Ls-3600-28f-ei-ovs 0235a10l
Hp S3600-28p-ei-model Ls-3600-28p-ei-ovs 0235a10h
Hp S3600-28p-pwr-ei-model Ls-3600-28p-pwr-ei-ovs 0235a10c
Hp S3600-28p-pwr-si-model Ls-3600-28p-pwr-si-ovs 0235a10b
Hp S3600-28p-si-model Ls-3600-28p-si-ovs 0235a10g
Hp S3600-28tp-si-model Ls-3600-28tp-si-ovs 0235a10f
Hp S3600-52-si-model Ls-3600-52p-si-ovs 0235a10j
Hp S3600-52p-ei-model Ls-3600-52p-ei-ovs 0235a10k
Hp S3600-52p-pwr-ei-model Ls-3600-52p-pwr-ei-ovs 0235a10e
Hp S3600-52p-pwr-si-model Ls-3600-52p-pwr-si-ovs 0235a10d
Hp S3610-28f-model Ls-3610-28f-ovs 0235a22f
Hp S3610-28p-model Ls-3610-28p-ovs 0235a22d
Hp S3610-28tp-model Ls-3610-28tp-ovs 0235a22e
Hp S3610-52p-model Ls-3610-52p-ovs 0235a22c
Hp S5100-16p-ei-model Ls-5100-16p-ei-ovs-h3 0235a21q
Hp S5100-16p-pwr-ei-model Ls-5100-16p-pwr-ei-ovs 0235a22k
Hp S5100-16p-si-model Ls-5100-16p-si-ovs-h3 0235a22r
Hp S5100-24p-ei-model Ls-5100-24p-ei-ovs 0235a08k
Hp S5100-24p-si-model Ls-5100-24p-si-ovs-h3 0235a20q
Hp S5100-26c-ei-model Ls-5100-26c-ei-ovs 0235a08f
Hp S5100-26c-pwr-ei-model Ls-5100-26c-pwr-ei-ovs 0235aa2m
Hp S5100-48p-ei-model Ls-5100-48p-ei-ovs 0235a08m
Hp S5100-48p-si-model Ls-5100-48p-si-ovs-h3 0235a20r
Hp S5100-50c-ei-model Ls-5100-50c-ei-ovs 0235a08h
Hp S5100-50c-pwr-ei-model Ls-5100-50c-pwr-ei-ovs 0235a22p
Hp S5100-8p-ei-model Ls-5100-8p-ei-ovs-h3 0235a21p
Hp S5100-8p-pwr-ei-model Ls-5100-8p-pwr-ei-ovs 0235a22h
Hp S5100-8p-si-model Ls-5100-8p-si-ovs-h3 0235a22t
Hp S5120-20p-si L2 16ge Plus 4sfp 0235a42b
Hp S5120-24p-ei 24ge Plus 4combosfp 0235a0bq
Hp S5120-28c-ei 24ge Plus 4combo Plus 2slt 0235a0bs
Hp S5120-28c-pwr-ei 24g Plus 4c Plus 2s Plus Poe 0235a0bu
Hp S5120-28p-hpwr-si 0235a0e5
Hp S5120-28p-pwr-si 0235a0e3
Hp S5120-28p-si 24ge Plus 4 Sfp 0235a42d
Hp S5120-48p-ei 48ge Plus 4combosfp 0235a0br
Hp S5120-52c-ei 48ge Plus 4combo Plus 2slt 0235a0bt
Hp S7500e Secblade Vpn Firewall Module 0231a832, lsq1fwbsc0
Hp S7502e Chassis W/ Fans 0235a29a
Hp S7502e Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan 0235a0g4
Hp S7503e-s Chassis W/ Fans 0235a33r
Hp S7503e-s Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan 0235a0g5
Hp S7503e Chassis W/ Fans 0235a27r
Hp S7503e Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan 0235a0g2
Hp S7506e-v Chassis W/ Fans 0235a27s
Hp S7506e-v Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan 0235a0g3
Hp S7506e Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan 0235a0g1
Hp S7510e 768 Gbps Fabric 0231a86p, lsq1srpd0
Hp S7510e Chassis W/ Fans 0235a25n
Hp S7510e Ethernet Switch Chassis With Fan 0235a0g0
Hp S7902e Chassis Kit W/ Fans 3cs7902e
Hp S7903e-s Chassis Kit W/ Fans 3cs7903es
Hp S7903e Chassis Kit W/ Fans 3cs7903e
Hp S7906e-v Chassis Kit W/ Fans 3cs7906ev
Hp S7906e Chassis Kit W/ Fans 3cs7906e
Hp S9500e Secblade Vpn Firewall Module 0231a0av, lsr1fw2a1
Hp S9502 (ls-9502-ovs-h3) Routing Switch Chassis je551a
Hp S9505 Routing Switch Chassis 0235a17a, jc055a
Hp S9505e Chassis W/ Fans 0235a38p
Hp S9505e Routing-switch Chassis 0235a0g6
Hp S9508 Routing Switch Chassis 0235a16t, jc054a
Hp S9508e-v Routing-switch Chassis 0235a38q
Hp S9512 Routing Switch Chassis 0235a17b, jc056a
5500-ei Switch 28-port 3cr17161-91 *
Huawei Atb v200r001c00
Huawei Atn v200r001c01
Huawei Cx600 v200r002, v600r001, v600r002, v600r003
Huawei Ma5200g v200r003
Huawei Me60 v100r005, v100r006, v600r002, v600r003, v600r005c00spc600
Huawei Ne20 v200r005
Huawei Ne20e-x6 v600r003
Huawei Ne40&80 v300r005
Huawei Ne40e&80e v300r003, v600r001, v600r002, v600r003
Huawei Ne5000e v300r007, v800r002, v800r003
Huawei -ma5200g v300r003


20121023 HP/H3C and Huawei SNMP Weak Access to Critical Data Link Party Advisory
HPSBHF02819 Link Vendor Advisory Advisory|CO0000000170&actionFlag=view|CCONFIRMBroken Link
VU#225404 Party Advisory US Government Resource Party Advisory US Government Resource
56183 Party Advisory VDB Entry
1027694 Party Advisory VDB Entry