Current Description

win32k.sys in the kernel-mode drivers in Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and SP3, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Vista SP1 and SP2, Windows Server 2008 Gold, SP2, R2, and R2 SP1, and Windows 7 Gold and SP1 allows local users to gain privileges via a crafted application that triggers a NULL pointer dereference, a different vulnerability than other "Vulnerability Type 2" CVEs listed in MS11-034, aka "Win32k Null Pointer De-reference Vulnerability."

Evaluator Description

Per:'CWE-476: NULL Pointer Dereference'

Basic Data

PublishedApril 13, 2011
Last ModifiedFebruary 28, 2019
Data TypeCVE
Data FormatMITRE
Data Version4.0
Problem TypeNVD-CWE-Other
CVE Data Version4.0

Base Metric V2

CVSS 2 - Version2.0
CVSS 2 - Vector StringAV:L/AC:L/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C
CVSS 2 - Access VectorLOCAL
CVSS 2 - Access ComplexityLOW
CVSS 2 - AuthenticationNONE
CVSS 2 - Confidentiality ImpactCOMPLETE
CVSS 2 - Availability ImpactCOMPLETE
CVSS 2 - Base Score7.2
Exploitability Score3.9
Impact Score10.0
Obtain All Privilegefalse
Obtain User Privilegefalse
Obtain Other Privilegefalse

Base Metric V3

No data provided.


  • OR - Configuration 1
    Cpe VersionPartVendorProductVersionUpdateEditionLanguageSW EditionTarget SWTarget HWOtherVersion Start IncludingVersion End IncludingVersion Start ExcludingVersion End Excluding
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 2003 Server-sp2******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 7-*******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 7-sp1******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Server 2003-sp2******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Server 2008-*******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Server 2008-sp2******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Server 2008r2*****itanium*
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Server 2008r2*****x64*
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Server 2008r2sp1****itanium*
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Server 2008r2sp1****x64*
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Vista-sp1******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Vista-sp1****x64*
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Vista-sp2******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Vista-sp2****x64*
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Xp-sp2****x64*
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Xp-sp3******
  • OR - Configuration 2
    Cpe VersionPartVendorProductVersionUpdateEditionLanguageSW EditionTarget SWTarget HWOtherVersion Start IncludingVersion End IncludingVersion Start ExcludingVersion End Excluding
    2.3ApplicationAvayaAgent Access********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaAura Conferencing Standard Edition6.0.0*******
    2.3ApplicationAvayaBasic Call Management System Reporting Desktop********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaCall Management Server Supervisor********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaCallvisor Asai Lan********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaCommunication Server 1000 Telephony Manager********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaComputer Telephony********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaContact Center Express********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaCustomer Interaction Express********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaEnterprise Manager********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaIntegrated Management********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaInteraction Center********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaIp Agent********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaIp Softphone********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaMeeting Exchange********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaMessaging Application Server********4.0.x5.2.x
    2.3ApplicationAvayaNetwork Reporting********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaOctelaccess(r) Server********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaOperational Analyst********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaOutbound Contact Management********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaSpeech Access********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaUnified Communication Center********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaUnified Messenger (r)********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaVisual Messenger Tm********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaVisual Vector Client********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaVpnmanagertm Console********
    2.3ApplicationAvayaWeb Messenger********

Vulnerable Software List

Microsoft Windows Xp -
Microsoft Windows 7 -
Microsoft Windows Vista -
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server -
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 -
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 -, r2
Avaya Messaging Application Server *
Avaya Network Reporting *
Avaya Octelaccess(r) Server *
Avaya Octeldesignertm *
Avaya Operational Analyst *
Avaya Outbound Contact Management *
Avaya Speech Access *
Avaya Unified Communication Center *
Avaya Unified Messenger (r) *
Avaya Visual Messenger Tm *
Avaya Visual Vector Client *
Avaya Vpnmanagertm Console *
Avaya Web Messenger *
Avaya Callpilot *
Avaya Integrated Management *
Avaya Enterprise Manager *
Avaya Agent Access *
Avaya Aura Conferencing Standard Edition 6.0.0
Avaya Basic Call Management System Reporting Desktop *
Avaya Call Management Server Supervisor *
Avaya Callvisor Asai Lan *
Avaya Communication Server 1000 Telephony Manager *
Avaya Computer Telephony *
Avaya Contact Center Express *
Avaya Customer Interaction Express *
Avaya Interaction Center *
Avaya Ip Agent *
Avaya Ip Softphone *
Avaya Meeting Exchange *


NameSourceURLTags Advisory
71735 Link
44156 Party Advisory Party Advisory
47229 Party Advisory VDB Entry
1025345 Party Advisory VDB Entry
TA11-102A Party Advisory US Government Resource
ADV-2011-0952 Link
MS11-034 Vendor Advisory
mswin-win32k-var17-priv-escalation(66411) Entry
oval:org.mitre.oval:def:12503 Party Advisory