Current Description

Stack-based buffer overflow in the animated cursor code in Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 through Vista allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (persistent reboot) via a large length value in the second (or later) anih block of a RIFF .ANI, cur, or .ico file, which results in memory corruption when processing cursors, animated cursors, and icons, a variant of CVE-2005-0416, as originally demonstrated using Internet Explorer 6 and 7. NOTE: this might be a duplicate of CVE-2007-1765; if so, then CVE-2007-0038 should be preferred.

Referenced by CVEs:CVE-2007-1765

Basic Data

PublishedMarch 30, 2007
Last ModifiedOctober 16, 2018
Data TypeCVE
Data FormatMITRE
Data Version4.0
Problem TypeCWE-119
CVE Data Version4.0

Base Metric V2

CVSS 2 - Version2.0
CVSS 2 - Vector StringAV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C
CVSS 2 - Access VectorNETWORK
CVSS 2 - Access ComplexityMEDIUM
CVSS 2 - AuthenticationNONE
CVSS 2 - Confidentiality ImpactCOMPLETE
CVSS 2 - Availability ImpactCOMPLETE
CVSS 2 - Base Score9.3
Exploitability Score8.6
Impact Score10.0
Obtain All Privilegetrue
Obtain User Privilegefalse
Obtain Other Privilegefalse

Base Metric V3

No data provided.


  • OR - Configuration 1
    Cpe VersionPartVendorProductVersionUpdateEditionLanguageSW EditionTarget SWTarget HWOtherVersion Start IncludingVersion End IncludingVersion Start ExcludingVersion End Excluding
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 2000*sp4******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 2003 Servergold*******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 2003 Servergold*itanium*****
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 2003 Servergold*x64*****
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 2003 Serversp1*******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 2003 Serversp1*itanium*****
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 2003 Serversp2*******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 2003 Serversp2*itanium*****
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows 2003 Serversp2*x64*****
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Vista*gold******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Vista*goldx64*****
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Xp*goldPROFESSIONAL_X64*****
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Xp*sp2******
    2.3OSMicrosoftWindows Xp*sp2PROFESSIONAL_X64*****

Vulnerable Software List

Microsoft Windows Xp *
Microsoft Windows Vista *
Microsoft Windows 2000 *
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server gold, sp1, sp2


20070330 0-day ANI vulnerability in Microsoft Windows (CVE-2007-0038)
24659 Advisory
2542 Advisory
VU#191609 Government Resource
20070330 0-day ANI vulnerability in Microsoft Windows (CVE-2007-0038)
20070330 Re: 0-day ANI vulnerability in Microsoft Windows (CVE-2007-0038)
20070331 Re: 0-day ANI vulnerability in Microsoft Windows (CVE-2007-0038)
20070331 RE: [Full-disclosure] 0-day ANI vulnerability in Microsoft Windows(CVE-2007-0038)
20070402 More information on ZERT patch for ANI 0day
20070402 MS announces out-of-band patch for ANI 0day
TA07-089A Government Resource
TA07-093A Government Resource
TA07-100A Government Resource
ADV-2007-1215 Advisory