Discotek.ca hosts Java development related projects, specializing in byte code obfuscation, class reloading, and diagnostics. Check out Modifly to see the latest addition to Discotek.ca.

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Modifly is an obfuscator that can do run-time transformations (Patent Pending). What does this mean? Never run the same application byte code again!

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Feenix is a class-reloading tool similar to JRebel. It is based on the Instrumentation API, which has some major limitations. Stayed tuned for a new version of Feenix, which is much closer to JRebel.

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Thorax is a bytecode debugger, which allows you to pause program execution, examine and modify variables without the availability of any source code. Thorax is a handy tool to help you understand third party libraries.

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